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The Electromagnetic Communication Laboratory (EMC Lab) is affiliated with the Electrical Engineering Department at The Pennsylvania State Universtiy. This lab has been focusing on the research of Computational Electromagetics since it was founded by Prof. Raj Mittra in 1996.


1. Computational Electromagnetics Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD); Finite Element (FEM); Method of Moments; PML; Conformal FDTD; Subgridding; Hybrid techniques; Large matrix solution; iterative Techniques.

2. Electronic Package modeling On-chip and off chip interconnects modeling; Digital and RF packages; Spurious Radiation; Power plane modeling; Extracting Spice parameters from S-parameter results.

3. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/EMI) Modeling of complex systems for estimating the EMI effects; Crosstalk and coupling estimates; Biological hazards.

4. Communication antennas and Systems Modeling of Hand-held PCS, GPS, Navigational and Satellite antennas and Antenna Systems for local area networks

5. Wideband antennas Design of Wideband (15:1 or higher) communication antennas using the Genetic algorithm (GA).

6. Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSSs) Design of High Performance radomes using FSSs; High Power applications; Dichroic surfaces for Remote Sensing antenna systems.

7. Design of Radar Absorbing Coatings New techniques for multilayer absorber design using synthetic media.

8. Electromagnetic Simulation Software Development CFDTD software package for large problems using parallel computation.



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